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[Answered] HP-82120A battery pack
11-12-2018, 03:23 PM
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RE: [Answered] HP-82120A battery pack
(11-12-2018 02:49 PM)grsbanks Wrote:  I'm going on holiday in a week but when I get back I'll get myself some 1/3 AAA cells.

Fine. You may get four flat-top cells with Z-shaped soldering tabs, or maybe you can also do it this way:

Some time ago a friend of mine planned to rebuild a 82120A pack, and so I called my local battery supplier who also offers custom-made replacement packs for power tools, laptops and other devices. So they assembled a complete NiMH pack, consisting of four 1/3 AAA NiMHs, professionally welded (!) and shrink-wrapped. As desired, they even left a small gap between the cells so that the contacts at the ends nicely aligned with the case and their counterparts in the calculator. :-)

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