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OmniBook 300, 425 and 430 US ROM Image?
04-01-2021, 05:56 PM
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RE: OmniBook 300, 425 and 430 US ROM Image?
(12-15-2018 02:43 PM)hitaka2006 Wrote:  I am collecting OmniBooks, and wondering if someone can share ROM image with me. I've found 425 ROM image on the internet, while it was UK version. I'm looking for US ROM image for OB 300, 425, and 430.

FYI, I could write image on linear flash card by using OmniDrive USB2 LF. However, I'm failing to read image from OB ROM cards. If someone can tell me how I can read using the drive, I'll be able to share French 425 ROM and Spanish 430 ROM images.

I have a UK Omnibook 300 ROM image I have just read from the 1.0 ABB card (yet to test that it's valid, but I'm hopeful). I'd be interested in the other ROM images and helping you read the existing cards if you are still looking for help (over 2 years on...!).

Is there somewhere where hosting a repository of all the different ROM images could be?
Would HP mind this being shared? The machines are very old and the ROM images aren't useful without the machines themselves, so I can't see it really being a problem...
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