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TI-60: Triangle Numbers
12-16-2018, 03:35 AM
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TI-60: Triangle Numbers
Here I exploit TI-60's RST function's ability to continue program execution and using the square root function as a "tester" to calculate triangle numbers.


1. In RUN mode (outside of LRN), store the following values:

R0 = 0
R1 = n

2. Execute the program by pressing [RST], [R/S]. The program is done when you see "Error".

3. Clear the error by pressing [CE/C].

4. Recall R0. This is your triangle number. (R1 will have -1).

TI-60 Program: Triangle Numbers

PC00  OP71:  RCL 
PC01  OP01:  1
PC02  OP61:  STO 
PC03  OP85:  +
PC04  OP00:  0     // sum R1 in R0
PC05  OP75:  -
PC06  OP01:  1
PC07  OP95:  =
PC08  OP61:  STO
PC09  OP01:  1    // store R1 -1 in R1
PC10  OP86:  √  // take the square root of R1, if R1<0, the error occurs, ending the "loop"
PC11  OP22:  RST  // reset back to step 00

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