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TI-60: Triangle Numbers
12-19-2018, 04:23 AM
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RE: TI-60: Triangle Numbers
(12-16-2018 05:33 PM)Dieter Wrote:  This is essentially a "proof of concept" on how to do loops on a calculator with an extremely limited function set without tests and goto

We could exploit the integration key and do some calculations in a loop as a side effect.
This allows to implement a solver using fixed point iteration or Newton's method.
However you could specify only up to 99 loops.

To solve Kepler's equation:

\( M = E - e \sin E \)

We would rewrite it as a fixed point equation:

\( E = M + e \sin E \)

Using the following mapping to the data memories:

E: 3
M: 4
e: 5

We could then use this program:

We don't really care about the lower and upper limits of the interval so we could just use:

0 STO 1
1 STO 2

The integration would be started with:

∫dx nn R/S

The result could then be found in register 3.

Using realistic values (e.g. e = 0.0167 for the Earth) this needs only a few iterations.
Don't forget to put the calculator into the radian mode.

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