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The lack of handling root functions in hp prime
12-30-2018, 11:58 PM
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RE: The lack of handling root functions in hp prime
(12-30-2018 11:08 PM)Komanguy Wrote:  
(12-30-2018 10:25 PM)John P Wrote:  Very nice, but you use a lot of paper and a lot of electronics too. I at least with some convertible laptop would eliminate paper and a lot of electronic devices also. So, however you count good energy efficient convertible laptops probably would have less carbon print in total than a lot of paper plus a lot of electronic gadgets. How big the difference would be as of today I do not know, but as the power efficiency of laptops gets better and better every year I think convertible laptops with touch screen and stylus could save a lot of trees and energy, your energy too. Just think how much more you have to eat to have the strength to carry around heavy bags with heavy notebooks and all those extra and duplicating themselves electronic devices. Just kidding a little.

Trees are renewable. There’s not any issue there.
And carrying a A4 notebook is not a problem too, maybe 300 grams.
I used a surface pro 4, great machine but too fragile. I think the surface book 2 15 inch is perfect but too expensive. It’s better than those 16:9 convertibles. It has a bigger screen due to its 3:2 ratio. If you can afford it, don’t hesitate.

Yeah, the screens with asp. ratio 2:3 are good, but there is few laptops with that ratio. I am thinking about Lenovo or Acer, LG is also good I think, if the specs are right and the CPU is twice as fast what I have now. I am looking also for something with discrete GPU GTX 1060 or possibly RTX/GTX 2060 or whatever they call it. I think the 'back to school' season in 2019 could be interesting as far as new convertible laptops are concerned. We will see.
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