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(12C Platinum) Internal Precision Test
12-25-2020, 07:28 PM (This post was last modified: 12-25-2020 11:00 PM by KAR.)
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RE: (12C Platinum) Internal Precision Test
(12-31-2018 04:55 PM)Albert Chan Wrote:  From HP brochure, 12C Platinum have internal precisions of 15 digits.
I bought an HP12C Platinum (HP Product#: F2231AA#B12) calculator in Slovakia this month. I read the brochure earlier at the link above and saw that the precision is 15 numbers. I have been using the official commercial HP12C Platinum app for Android for many years. It is an amazingly accurate and fast calculator. However, the one I bought in December 2020 is manufactured in the Philippines. Different from the brochure it has 2 CR2032 elements, not 1.

I am doing tests: f 9 1 g 1/x 1 EEX 6 x 2718281 -
a) on the purchased calculator I get: 0.828460000
b) on the emulator for Android: 0.828459040

The emulator for Android, as I remember, is promised by HP as a complete analogue of a real calculator and has an accuracy of at least 14 digits. But the purchased calculator showed 11-12 digits of accuracy.

I also check it: f 9 CLX 0.01 ENTER 1234567890 + g + - the answer is 0.010000000
CLX 0.001 ENTER 1234567890 + g + - answer 0.000000000

Thus, the internal accuracy of the HP12C Platinum calculator is 12 digits, not 15 as in the brochure. I'm disappointed that HP is misleading the accuracy of their device.

I apologize for the quality of the computer translation into English.
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