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Really really fast BASIC handheld
01-12-2019, 10:21 AM (This post was last modified: 01-12-2019 10:26 PM by StephenG1CMZ.)
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RE: Really really fast BASIC handheld
I thought Smilebasic was built-in, like on old DOS PCs.

But this website says "how to purchase"

From a very quick read, it seems it can be purchased and downloaded straight onto Nintendo - no idea if Nintendo require a credit card or whether a gift card can be used.
(Update- A more thorough perusal of the eShop gives no clues as to whether kids, or those cautious about credit card numbers, can buy it... But, UK supermarkets do sell Nintendo gift cards).

The instruction manual says to start SmileBasic by select Start Basic from a menu - I didn't see any mention of buying a game cartridge, either for basic or your programs. But I did glimpse a worrying mention of 4 slots - does that mean you can only have 3 programs? (One of the 4 slots is used for animation).

The spec for a DS in the shop makes no mention of it being able to compile or run Basic...just think how many sales they might have lost.

Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ)
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