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WP-34s: how to create/edit skins?
05-03-2014, 05:25 AM
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RE: WP-34s: how to create/edit skins?
Some painter's remarks about skins for the 'traditional' emulator in addition to Pascal's post:

I presume you want to modify the skin, not the layout. Editing those skins is no witchcraft. You can take one of the existing skins (i.e. one of the existing .bmp files!) as a starter. Open it using a suitable picture editor and modify whatever you like but keep size and position of the keys. You may change colours, 'fonts', and abbreviations within that framework. Keep in mind that the result must look good on your screen - i.e. when displayed to scale. When you've done your modifications, store the result in .bmp format again in the same directory where you found the other files. Start the emulator and select your skin. Voilá! Smile


Yes, it may be some work on pixel basis - quite fitting for a monk of the order of urRh-Pee-aNn. Remember the medieval copying machines featuring two legs? Wink Salve regina ...
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