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CAS simplification issues
12-17-2013, 05:05 AM
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RE: CAS simplification issues
OK, so removing the "use i" works for the square root. But the cubic root still doesn't work (the cubic root of a^3 still isn't simplified).
Entering it as (a^3)^1/3 works.

But I found another small bug/inconsistency on entering the exponents.
If I type a, then ^, then 3, I'm left with the cursor next to the exponent (3), ready to add something to it. If I press the right cursor key, the cursor leaves the exponent as expected, and moves down at the same level of a. If then I press ^ 1 / 3, to add the fractional exponent, I would expect the new exponent to refer to (a^3); instead it apparently still refers to just the 3. I think the expected behavior should be to refer it to the mathematical entity to its left, which is (a^3) and not 3. The parentheses could be automatically added or even just implied...
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