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My Newbie Question
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RE: My Newbie Question
(01-30-2019 04:45 PM)Leviset Wrote:  I’m a Pure Mathematician who is rubbish with anything requiring some electronic or practical application, so please excuse my naive question.
I’ve just finished restoring a Sharp PC-1500A with an attached CE-150 Printer/Case.
After scouring the house for my Bush tape cassette to store programs on it, I found it but the tape counter has stopped working.
It crossed my mind that I have 2 working Sony Minidisc Player with 10 new disks.
Could I take my Mic and Ear from the CE-150 into the Sony Minidisc and store and Retrieve my basic programs on the Sony instead of a tape cassette or are we looking at anologue to digital mis-match in storing the generated basic program .wav file?
I use a laptop computer to save/load programs to my Radio Shack PC-2 (same as Sharp PC-1500A) and it works just fine. Since you already have the equipment, it shouldn't cost you anything to try it. You may need to experiment with the volume control. The worst that could happen is that it doesn't work. You could always buy a cheap used cassette recorder on eBay if you need to.

Tom L
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