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for Dave Britten--get well soon
05-06-2014, 03:27 AM
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RE: for Dave Britten--get well soon
(05-06-2014 03:25 AM)Les Bell Wrote:  
(05-06-2014 03:06 AM)Don Shepherd Wrote:  Dave, I can't reply to your post in the articles forum, but I want you to know that, like Katie, I wish for you a speedy recovery, and I am in awe of what you have done with your 200LX. That seems to be an amazing little machine, and I am tempted to visit Ebay soon.

Dave, I'd like to echo Don's good wishes - I really enjoyed your piece on the 200LX.

(05-06-2014 03:06 AM)Don Shepherd Wrote:  My current toy is an Enigma replica I got a few months ago. It is an electrical re-creation of the original, and way cool.

Don, can I press you to tell us a little about your Enigma replica, perhaps in the "Not Remotely ..." section? I'm sure I'm not the only member who would be interested.

Sure Les, I'll do a post in that section.
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