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Varying speed when running program
03-19-2019, 01:52 AM (This post was last modified: 03-19-2019 02:06 AM by chromos.)
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RE: Varying speed when running program
(03-18-2019 04:49 PM)toml_12953 Wrote:  
(03-18-2019 02:16 PM)chromos Wrote:  I had (maybe I still have, but I didn't test it for long time) problem with inconsistent speed too (on android app, I don't have real calculator).

Does Android allow programs to run in the background? That could account for a wide variation in benchmarks depending on how many background programs there are and what they're doing.

My english isn't much good, but I'll try to explain my tests more in-depth.

1) I dragged my Geosolver from ConKit to Prime app (where I had only one other program - eqnlib). Running time of my program was "X".

2) Over time, calc reseted itself (it was early firmware), so I dragged Geosolver from ConKit into clean app again. Running time "Y" was noticeably shorter than "X".

3) I added eqnlib by dragging from ConKit and running time of Geosolver was "X" again.

4) I deleted eqnlib from app and running time was "Y" again.

"X" and "Y" are in minutes, so it was easily observable.

Maybe some background tasks were responsible for it, but how those background services did know how many programs I had in my Prime app? :-))

P.S. Points 1) to 4) may not correspond exactly to reality, but certainly it isn't far from the truth.

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