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Xcas/Giac vs HP Prime: LambertW
03-27-2019, 07:41 AM (This post was last modified: 03-27-2019 07:45 AM by Anders.)
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RE: Xcas/Giac vs HP Prime: LambertW
(03-27-2019 01:28 AM)rprosperi Wrote:  Xcas/Giac has many functions and capabilities that are not available in Prime (for lots of reasons, including some obvious ones like needed resources, UI limitations, etc.) however there is no definitive list of what is/isn't included in Prime, partly because Xcas/Giac continues to evolve and add capabilities and to a lesser extent, Prime has also added more in nearly every software update (roughly twice per year), so any list would be misleading or obsolete.

I disagree. There is no reason why HP cannot provide the complete list of functions with every f/w update. This should be easy todo as a bare minimum change log.

The user guide is now hopelessly behind the actual capability of the latest f/w. Worse, despite the community raising this point many times over the years (in this forum), I fear that HP has now given up on actually doing something about it.

The latest iteration of the User Guide (which is the most advanced documentation by HP), still to this date, is still not covering all functions from even the original f/w, never mind (the many, many) changes and additions since then.

The HP Prime Help file is sometimes referred to as a more up-to-date list, but it to has become outdated with the latest f/w...

However, luckily there is some really good work that has been done by the community. See this section for some very good community driven documentation and guides here:

Specifically, when it comes to HP Prime CAS, this is by far the best: Not 100% up-to-date any more, but it is pretty darn good (i.e. awesome!) and it is the best we got.
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