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Is dead?
12-17-2013, 06:08 PM (This post was last modified: 12-17-2013 06:09 PM by Kevin Ouellet.)
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RE: Is dead?
(12-17-2013 04:57 PM)Eric Rechlin Wrote:  In the last 12 weeks, only 11 files have been submitted. I'll probably update the site soon. If you want more frequent updates to the site, submit more stuff! A good fraction of the files I add is stuff that I find while scouring discussion forums and elsewhere on the web, but there hasn't even been much of that lately, and I only have so much time to be looking for it anyway.

And it's just frustrating, because on the vast majority of submissions, the people uploading the files can't follow the simple directions on the page, making it a lot more difficult for me to add them. They pick the wrong category, pick the wrong calculator model, don't write an English description, upload an unusable screenshot, etc.

Regarding the 39gII, as best as I can tell, that calculator is dead. I have received a grand total of ONE submission for the 39gII (I assume that one is yours, Kevin). I can't justify making a whole new section just for one file.

Yeah about the 39gII entry it was mine (a Tunnel game). Due to lack of a 39gII/Prime category at the time I had to put it in the 39 category, even if the 39gII is vastly different. As mentionned above, though, since HP PPL is almost identical (although much less buggy) to the HP 39gII language and that the 39gII is basically the ancestor of the HP Prime, I guess HP Prime could be renamed to HP Prime & 39gII, and screenshots that are 256x127 start being allowed. I agree that this calc is pretty much dead, though. Besides that Tunnel game, only three math programs and four other games were made, one of which was never published online. It was initially aimed at China and then only came out in Europe. The 39gII never saw a North American release. Also, the November 2013 update doesn't even fix a single bug, unlike the December 2013 HP Prime update, which makes it clear that HP don't care anymore about the 39gII.

-DJ Omnimaga
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