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As requested, my DM42 Thoughts (May 2019 order)
05-13-2019, 04:48 PM
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RE: As requested, my DM42 Thoughts (May 2019 order)
(05-13-2019 04:14 PM)Dave Britten Wrote:  Interesting, I wonder if they've improved the overall keyboard build since those initial units, and if so, what options there are for upgrading/improving a late 2017 unit. How's the Enter key on yours? The early ones had a problem where the feel and response was extremely uneven across the length of the key (pressing on the far right edge had poor response and almost no tactile click), and adding a few strips cut from a Post-It note to the right spot gives roughly 98% resolution of the problem.

I agree with all your other points about the hardware, and I genuinely like the DM42, even if the keyboard is a bit sub-par (on mine at least). It's certainly not as bad as a 49g, at least. Wink

The enter key is fine on mine. Feels/responds exactly the same over the length of the key. Good response, no dropped presses, and it still has that nice solid 'thunk' response, even when pressed on the edge.

I'd guess the first print run of these had some issues from the manufacturer, as first runs often do, and I imagine folks here were very early adopters. Mine has a very good feel across the keyboard. It's only one sample of course, but I'd guess many of these issues have been resolved after the first run?
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