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As requested, my DM42 Thoughts (May 2019 order)
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RE: As requested, my DM42 Thoughts (May 2019 order)
(05-13-2019 04:14 PM)Dave Britten Wrote:  The early ones had a problem where the feel and response was extremely uneven across the length of the key (pressing on the far right edge had poor response and almost no tactile click), and adding a few strips cut from a Post-It note to the right spot gives roughly 98% resolution of the problem.

Did you try the key-flex trick? That worked perfectly for me on both my beta unit and my shipping unit. That's where you open the calculator, remove the key matrix and flex each key several times, going just past the point where you'd be able to press it if it were still in the calculator. Reassemble the unit and, voila! I did that and now my keys all register 100% of the time once I feel the snap and the Enter key works no matter where I press it. It used to respond only to a press on the right side. The only drawback is if you flex a key TOO much and it breaks off the matrix. Then you need a new matrix or good super glue skills. As I said, You only flex slightly past where the key would normally bottom out when in use and only flex about eight times so as not to stress the connection too much. It's not as scary as it sounds. The matrix is pretty tough.

Tom L
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