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[WP 34s] Turn off thousands separator?
06-13-2019, 03:16 PM
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RE: [WP 34s] Turn off thousands separator?
(06-13-2019 01:38 PM)cdmackay Wrote:  For what it's worth, they're documented in the v3.3 b3901 version of the paper Owner's Manual.

Or the v3.3 PDF which one needs to buy from W of "WP". I have the paper v3.3 book as well, but more commonly refer to the v3.3 PDF since I can cntl-F search it. That calculator has so much clever stuff packed in, the manual (in whatever form) is really essential to fully use it.

While the free v3.1 PDF has 95% of the answers, there are some details (such as this one the OP has found) which are different (typically an option added/moved/renamed) in the final (it seems pretty sure nothing but bug fixes here on out) firmware implementation.

So, I'd recommend buying at least the v3.3 PDF. I think it's around $10 or so.
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