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200LX, 17b, 19b - Solver Problem?
06-29-2019, 07:07 PM
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RE: 200LX, 17b, 19b - Solver Problem?
Possibly a typo in the equation, but without the original, it's impossible for us to verify, and unfortunately, the German 17B manual is not included in the MoHPC Document set.

Which emulator are these screen shots from? From the size, I'd guess some sort of 200LX emulator? Have you tried on a genuine 200LX?

(And do you know where the 200LX emulator is available?)

As has been well documented before, the solver in both of the 17BII+ models (Gold and later Silver) has at least one bug; this equation would not run correctly in those models (using the 0*( stuff ) format will force all variables to be shown, which leads to an incorrect number of loops in the initial phase of the solver run). This same bug could possibly be present in the 200LX emulator (maybe even present in the 200LX too, though I've never heard this is the case)?

--Bob Prosperi
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