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200LX, 17b, 19b - Solver Problem?
06-29-2019, 10:06 PM
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RE: 200LX, 17b, 19b - Solver Problem?
(06-29-2019 09:57 PM)Peter A. Gebhardt Wrote:  Did you see the TVM STAFF ROM Bug for T=19 above?

I'm confused... in that same post you write:

Entered equation into 17bII+ CNA726000094 with identical results. Didn't spend the time of doing it for the old 17b.


The results for the built-in ROM routines for STAFF for 17b & 17bII+ are identical.

These seem to conflict, no?

Oh! You're mentioning the STAFF ROM routines are both the same. OK, got it.

I've no idea what the STAFF program is, but it's possible that specific equation/program does not encounter the bug; some equations do and some don't, so STAFF working is not proof the bug is not there.

Make sense?

--Bob Prosperi
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