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HP Pioneers ROM Dumping - Need help
06-30-2019, 04:56 PM (This post was last modified: 06-30-2019 05:09 PM by Dave Frederickson.)
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RE: HP Pioneers ROM Dumping - Need help
Wow! It was 5 years ago that we first encouraged Jose to learn how to dump a ROM.

(06-29-2019 09:00 PM)RPLman Wrote:  There's a picture of a Hp27s showing the code entered at address 52000
all on one line. Is this correct?

Yes. The address increments as each digit is entered. Just enter the code as one long string of digits. Refer to the commands in Section 2).

Alternatively you can refer to the original document, here.

Additionally, a collection of ROM images can be found on the HHC 2018 flash drive. The 42S ROMs can be downloaded here.

Edit: Looks like the ROMs folder from the HHC 2018 flash drive needs to be added to the collection of torrents on and other locations.

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