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Mitchell Feigenbaum passed away
07-05-2019, 04:43 PM
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RE: Mitchell Feigenbaum passed away
(07-04-2019 07:31 AM)jwdietrich Wrote:  On June 30, 2019, Mitchell Feigenbaum, one of the outstanding pioneers of chaos theory, died at the age of 74. In 1975 he discovered with an HP-65 calculator that the ratio of successive distances between bifurcation events tends to a constant value, which was later termed Feigenbaum constant. This was one of the founding events of chaos theory and nonlinear dynamics.


This is indeed sad :'( . He died so young -- my grandfather recently died and he was almost 100.

I was also sad when Michael Golomb died at 98. He was the person who came up with all Purdue's higher math Problems of the Week. Apparently though, there is still a backlog of problems that have yet to be published as Michael Golomb was so prolific.

R.I.P. to both of them.



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