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HP-41CV Fullnut disassembly
08-11-2019, 02:38 PM
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HP-41CV Fullnut disassembly
So, I have a fullnut 41CV that has an unimaginable amount of crud that is wedged between the LCD and the plastic window. Compressed air has not budged it one iota so I'm thinking of maybe using a more drastic cleaning procedure.

This photo isn't my 41CV, but it's the same hardware as mine:

[Image: HP41CV_inside_01.png]

How is the PCB with the LCD and the two driver chips held in place? OK, there's the 15 or so metallic pins soldered both to it and to the keyboard PCB but is there anything else holding it in place? Basically what I want to do is remove the LCD without having to break the heat stakes holding the keyboard PCB in place, so am I going to have any nasty surprises if I unsolder the connectors between the PCBs or will the LCD come out easily enough giving me access to the inside of the window so that I can clean everything out?

And yes, I have already disassembled this unit once to install a 41CL board and the posts, flexes and everything else are in good condition.

Thanks in advance.

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