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What happened between 39gii and prime?
09-01-2019, 02:54 AM
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RE: What happened between 39gii and prime?
(08-26-2019 01:49 PM)jlind Wrote:  
(08-26-2019 12:52 PM)Marco Polo Wrote:  In you signature i see a DM42, but you don't mention it between the calcs you use.
Did you forget or don't use?

Just curiosity: i am attracted by DM42, but could not yet figure if it fits my needs

Still learning how to use it more efficiently and effectively. Been about 35 years since I used an HP-41CX, its nearest cousin. Similar to continuing to work with the Nspire and Prime. None of the three are ready for prime time.


I am an older engineer and also use the same programs you noted for real engineering work because those programs are more efficient and allow for quick what-if scenarios and exploration that sometimes one needs for data evaluation.

I agree that calculators have been relegated to menial tasks such as units conversion and such at least in the professional world. Even though there are many bells and whistles in the selection of calculators, I have no use for what would be desirable as a student in most cases and, you know, all the talk about speed, what does it really offer us as engineering professionals, really?

I recently purchased a Prime, but also own the 48 series including the 49 and the nSpire with CAS, and have in the past had the 41C, CX, 28S, and TI 58, 58C, and still have a working 59. Nowadays, I look for accessibility with a calculator and the brightness and touch screen of the Prime makes it for me - if only the keyboard was backlit. I also look for ease of programming in the case of setting up simple tasks so I can reduce repetitive keyboarding time. The Prime does what I need; it's easy to see and use.

I continue to use the HP products because of RPN and nostalgia and maybe that could be considered a sentiment of the users of this forum / opinion/.

Thanks for keeping this all grounded in reality and real.

- Mark
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