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Free42 state file switching, export, and import
08-18-2019, 11:53 AM
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RE: Free42 state file switching, export, and import
(08-18-2019 11:37 AM)Thomas Okken Wrote:  
(08-18-2019 09:43 AM)SammysHP Wrote:  1. Arch Linux requires the X11 library as well (LIBS += -lX11). Probably all Linux distributions require it.

The X11 library is always required, but what varies is whether you have to tell the linker about it or not. I do my Linux builds in Ubuntu 12.04, and -lX11 is not needed there. I'll have to check what happens when I do add it there; I don't remember whether I left it off out of misguided command-line minimalism or because of a warning.

Since Ubuntu 12.04 went EOL over 2 years ago, have you considered building it on something more modern? At least to pick up the problems reported by later versions of gcc.

(08-18-2019 09:43 AM)SammysHP Wrote:  2. At least under Arch Linux -Wno-narrowing is necessary. As you've added it to the FreeBSD and SunOS builds, can you please add it to the normal Linux build as well? I think there are no downsides.

The downsides are error messages from compilers that don't recognize -Wno-narrowing. Big Grin

The other option is to fix the warnings. Smile

— Ian Abbott
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