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Clear Cased HP-41CX
08-25-2019, 02:24 PM
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RE: Clear Cased HP-41CX
(08-25-2019 02:04 PM)Jurgen Keller Wrote:  I just stumbled across this article about a clear cased HP-41CX. I know of other clear cased HP calculators (Keith Midson has a nice collection of them) but never saw such an HP-41 prototype. Interestingly, a clear cased infrared module is plugged in, however, it looks to be empty.

On the same web site you'll also find a clear cased 82240A thermal printer, really nice. Last but not least there is also an article about an HP 9100 prototype, however, I already posted that link some time ago, see here.

Thanks for sharing this Jurgen. It's quite strange that the photo provided by the museum shows the machine in an incredibly dirty state, covered with dirt, dust and grime that could easily by cleaned off. Often times museums sill not attempt to clean an old or really delicate artifact out of fear of damaging the item, but in this case, even a gentle brushing off would have improved its appearance. Pretty odd...

--Bob Prosperi
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