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The giant meteor strike that humans (mostly) survived …
08-27-2019, 11:31 AM
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The giant meteor strike that humans (mostly) survived …
The thread subject is the title of an article published in Science Illustrated {Australian: 2019-08-03}, with a lead-in on the front cover of "BRACE for IMPACT! New Discovery: the massive meteor strike that early humans survived" pgs. 32-39

"A meteor with a diameter of 1.5km strikes Greenland with the force of 700 nuclear bombs. The discovery of a huge crater reveals that this meteor strike may have delivered a millennium of cold temperatures for late Stone Age humans" pg. 32

"… our ancestors witnessed it only 13,000 years ago, according to the new discovery of a huge meteor crater under the Greenlandic ice sheet. Scientific studies indicate that the meteor didn’t only destroy the ice sheet and Earth’s crust, it caused dramatic climate change – 1000 years of cold – which wiped out entire peoples, ultimately changing the history of mankind" pg. 34

"Meteor interrupted global defrosting
The ice age was about to end, and temperatures were approaching those of today. But then disaster struck. A huge meteor melted hundreds of cubic kilometres of ice, blocked warm ocean currents, and threw Earth back into the cold" pg. 36

An interesting article on a current topic

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