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Repairing & restoring HP82002 - advice needed
09-23-2019, 02:44 PM
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RE: Repairing & restoring HP82002 - advice needed
(09-17-2019 02:47 PM)Paul Berger (Canada) Wrote:  [...]
I fill the cavity with epoxy and glue down the flap with contact cement.


A few months ago I had the same problem and I learned that you can buy black, flexible superglue. This is what I used to close the "flap". In my case the cable was broken but also corroded internally over a length of several centimeters starting at the connector.

Another failure of this charger was a broken transformer wire - the charger must have been dropped and one mounting flange of the white plastic bobbin was broken off, taking one of the wires with it. The flange was only dangling by the remaining wires.
After de-soldering the transformer from the PCB I had to perform some surgery to solder a thin copper wire to the last 3 mm of the winding sticking out ... and was surprised that it worked. Finally I glued the flange with 5-min Epoxy back to the bobbin and soldered the transformer back to the PCB.

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