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New kid - where to start
09-26-2019, 02:14 AM
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RE: New kid - where to start
Altho still working I am also of retirement age. I started with the HP 35 in 1973.

For engineering problems or project type calculations, the 50g is hard to beat. I have 2 and keep them handy. But as already mentioned it is out of production. I now use the prime more than the 50g.

I bought a gen 1 prime in 2015 and a gen 2 in 2019. The early calculator tended to crash but improved with each software upgrade. Also new features were added in many areas such as the finance app.

For me the learning prime curve was steep but there are a lot of knowledgeable people on the forum. And, it has been worth the effort.

My career has been in electrical engineering and I only took 2 programming courses (fortran and pascal). The kids here at work refer to them as ancient alien languages.

Altho my programs are elementary, my experiences with the ancient alien programming languages made the prime programming structure recognizable.

I found the prime virtual calculator to be useful. It has a larger display and programs are easier to run and debug.

Good luck in choosing your new direction.
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