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HP reduces drastically employees
10-07-2019, 01:08 PM
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RE: HP reduces drastically employees

(10-07-2019 06:46 AM)Alex S Wrote:  All manufacturers do the same tricks on the low-end printers.

Although it won't help the 9000 employees of HP who are going to be made redundant over the next years I have to object to this statement.

Over 10 years ago I bought an inkjet printer from Canon (which is still working fine) because it does not use such tricks. It has separate ink cartridges for each colour and a separate print head which can indiviually be replaced or refilled when required. There are no counters and no chips and nothing else that prevents one from using third party replacements. And the original ink cartridges are not crazily expensive either. Canon is still doing very well in that market so obviously one does not have to rip-off one's customers in order to sell printers with a profit.

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