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Re-closing a Woodstock keyboard
10-14-2019, 05:27 PM
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Re-closing a Woodstock keyboard
Hi everyone
We would like to share the methods we are trying for re closing a Woodstock keyboard
Basically we have tried three different methods
A. Micro screw, we were expecting more from this, beside that fact that is quite difficult to get a 1 mm diameter screw,
it turned out that plastic of which the posts are made of tents to break while tightening the screws
B. Glue, so far the best result is with the pictured glue, it takes some caution not to put too much and the layers have to be tightened together using paper clips and material so that the facelift is protected
C. Rivets, we ordered some copper rivets, outer diameter a little less than 2 mm, inner diameter 1,2 mm
It would have been better an inner diameter of 1.3 o 1.4 but looks like is non standard measure
Using the tip of a solder we have been able to push the rivet which molds with the post
Looks like is a no return procedure because when we tried to remove the river il also the post came with it but is quite strong

We will do more tests and publish the result
Pictures here : Woodstock Keyboard
Take care and as always any suggestion is highly appreciated!!!

Edoardo & Alberto
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