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[WP34s] Linear and non-linear regression with L.R.
05-29-2014, 04:21 PM
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RE: [WP34s] Linear and non-linear regression with L.R.
Quote:So I guess it would indeed be no license violation (because it's GPLed) to publish my updated manual ...

I don't know about this specific case (because I don't care). But in general, whoever owns the code, doc, etc. can make whatever conditions he wants. And just because the code is GPL does not mean the doc is GPL. Actually, I don't think the GPL works for doc but the GPL people do have some sort of license agreement (GNU FDL?) that they use when they want to.

If the owner says you can't publish or change the doc that should be good enough to stop you in theory. In practice, he has to bring suit against you which wastes time and money and gets hard across international boundaries. I don't think enforcement is very likely. But people should still behave responsibly. You would think the authors of so-called open source or community projects would be open to receiving diffs for code and doc but really they can do whatever they want.

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