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48G Re-creation Project (fantasy)
10-24-2019, 09:23 PM
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48G Re-creation Project (fantasy)
Hi everyone,

I noticed there was a thread about emu48 now on Android.

Out of all the HP RPN calculators, somehow (I don't really know why) I still much prefer the 48G series, even though I have a bunch, including 42S, DM42, etc. (For a small handy one I like the 15C).

Since there isn't a modern reincarnation of the 48 series, the aging hardware of vintage models means eventually all the extant units will be defunct, at minimum the keyboards would stop working because the conductive inks on the contact sheets will flake off.

Trying to repair an old 48 is a headache. Taking them apart is not easy, but can be done. Reassembling them is even harder, especially aligning the LCD zebra strips.

Anyway, basically, I want to recreate the thing using modern technology. Unless Swiss Micros makes a 48 equivalent, but even if they do this little project may have intrinsic value.

I just want to start by asking opinions about this. Has anyone attempted it before?

Can we reproduce the computation using modern low power micro-controllers?

Is there source code for porting? (I am thinking maybe porting to Python).

There are numerous areas to consider. I'm just brainstorming right now. It sounds like a crazy and maybe even stupid thing to attempt but, heck, why not.

The case can be 3D printed. I am wondering about the keypad and the key contact method. And the type of plastic for reproducing the tactile feel that we like.

Maybe another way is to migrate usable components from a donor unit, onto a new PCB and chassis, with new CPU (use a faster ARM/Saturn emulator? Or even how about a modern FPGA "virtual" Saturn CPU at faster clock rate?)

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