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HP-32, HP-35, HP-38, HP-45, HP-65, HP-67, HP-70, HP-97 for iPhone/iPad
12-18-2013, 01:19 PM
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RE: HP-45, HP-67, HP-70 for iPhone and iPad
Ever since I got my HP-35 in Februray 1973, I've been a fan of HP calculators, especially the LED models. Many people share my interest, some still have their vintage calculator on their desk.
I'm a retired engineer now, so one day, I decided to create simulations of the HP calculators I own and make them available to other enthusiasts.

The question is, where do you tell HP fans that these simulations exist? On the iTunes Store, where it's all about games, cookbooks, photos, and social media stuff? No chance. What better place than MoHPC?

So then, why not offer everything for free? Well, two reasons basically.
  1. Call me "old school", but in view of the massive effort I put into creating these apps, I fail to see why the hard work shouldn't be worth anything. Lucky for me, I don't have to make a living off of my apps, so they're really inexpensive. We're talking petty cash here. To the point that some users have suggested the apps should be priced higher in order to better reflect their "value". The HP-70 simulator is free because it was quick and easy to do after RPN-45. Same for RPN-67 Free after RPN-67 Pro was finished.
  2. Putting a price tag on the apps, however small, is a perfect filter to keep certain people away. People like the one who called RPN-70 "buggy" because he simply didn't understand how an HP-70 worked. Or the one who called it "useless" because it could only be used in portrait mode of the iPad.

Ironically, chances are that MoHPC is making money from RPN-67 Pro, as on my homepage I direct users who need manuals for the programs I offer for download to their online store. ;-)

Would I discuss specifics of my simulations? But yes, of course, I'd love to! The main reason to join the forum was to get feedback on my apps. Reviews in the iTunes Store are frustrating as there is no way for authors to respond.

With this, I hope I was able to alleviate your concerns about "commercialization" of the forum.
I'm an HP calculator fan, not an entrepreneur.
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