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[VA] New update available in my HP-related site (#004) 
10-31-2019, 12:11 AM (This post was last modified: 11-13-2019 12:28 AM by Valentin Albillo.)
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[VA] New update available in my HP-related site (#004) 
Hi, all:

I've uploaded a new update (#004) to my brand-new HP-related site, namely the following 8 files 8 (which you can download for free in PDF, JPG formats):

HP Program VA713 - HP-71B Packing Long Integers
  • 3-page paper featuring a small assembly-language LEX file written in 1991 for the HP-71B pocket computer to pack long integers in the range from 0 to 16,777,215 into 3-character strings and, conversely, to unpack a 3-character string into the equivalent long integer value [...]

HP Picture VA411 - HP-41CX
  • This is my HP-41CX, the best classic version of the HP-41C, a revolutionary alphanumeric model every HP-calc fan craved for at the time of its release some 40 years ago [...]

HP Picture VA419 - HP-41C Series leather case
  • This is a leather-like case for the HP-41 series models [...]

SHARP Picture VA451 - SHARP PC-1450
  • This is my SHARP PC-1450 pocket computer, a typical mid-range one with up to 16 Kb RAM (provided by a RAM card of 2, 4, 8 or 16 Kb) and a decent BASIC interpreter [...]

Plus 3 additional Selected Threads:

     HP Thread VA092 - Analyzing Albillo Matrix Number 3 with the CC-40

     HP Thread VA093 - Radix-100 Information (Albillo matrices)

     HP Thread VA101 - New Trig Functions Program for New 12C Platinum

And also one new nice fractal image produced with FractVal:

     Misc Picture VA051 - Sample Julia Type - Volcanic Turtle

That's all, hope you enjoy them all.

Next update (#005) coming Wednesday Nov, 6th.


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