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(11-08-2019 01:13 AM)Joe Horn Wrote:  If you're talking about the HP 50g, try the FDIST (Fully Distribute) command, which is in the CONVERT REWRITE menu. It sprinkles some unnecessary coefficients of 1 in there, but otherwise it yields the result you're looking for.

If you're talking about the Prime, the simplify() command in its CAS yields what you want, with the terms in standard descending alphabetical order.
It's on the 50g. (The Prime is still being used as a paperweight since trying to upgrade the system fried a desktop.)

Thanks for the suggestion. I still can't get things to work.

I tried FDISTRIB. (No FDIST, there is an FDISTRIB and DISTRIB). The multiply things out but still puts in weird parentheses. (I do have the extra parenthesis turned off.)

'1+x'*'1+Y' gives '1+Y+(1*X+Y*X)'
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