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old punch card from Radio City Music Hall
11-20-2019, 04:38 PM
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RE: old punch card from Radio City Music Hall
(11-20-2019 01:21 PM)BruceH Wrote:  Since that card is unused, it wouldn't have much to talk about.

You've got a point there.

(11-20-2019 01:21 PM)BruceH Wrote:  the cards were custom printed with the record layout

Yes, and the record layout shows that there were actually two possible card formats: if a 1 was punched in column 1, the card would contain name and address data. If an "x" punch was in column 1, it would contain other fields necessary to generate payroll totals. Interesting. Note that "date hired" is 6 digits which would have been a problem in year 2000.

(11-20-2019 01:21 PM)BruceH Wrote:  Radio City wouldn't have had a computer of their own

In the early 70's that's quite possible, but with payroll and accounting and ticket sales, etc., a small computer might have been worthwhile. I think an IBM System 3 would have rented for around $1000/month.
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