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Arduino IL Drive Sim read good write bad
11-24-2019, 11:22 AM
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Arduino IL Drive Sim read good write bad

I have build the "IL Drive Simulator" from the thread "Arduino Board as HP-IL device?". It works fine with existings LIF-files. I can read them with my HP-41CX and HP-71B. That Beautiful and I was happy with it for weeks.

Then I try to write in an existing LIF-file with the "IL Drive Simulator" and it doesnt work. I can't see any error-message. But to store or purge a program never work.

I have made further attempts and found out the following:
• Attempting to save a program with the IL Drive Sim will not result in an error message.
• The stored program is not displayed with CAT or DIR.
• The saved program will be added to the end of the file. There is also a copy of the directory stored. The IL Drive Sim does not write into the file but makes an append.
• The HP-41CX behaves exactly the same as the HP-71B.

If you wish to make a closer look I have attacht LIF-files: before, good result (with Ilper on PC) and bad result(with IL Drive Sim).

What are your experiences? Can someone successfully save programs with the IL Drive Simulator? Does anyone have problems? Does anyone have advice for me?

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