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Newbie questions: wifi and geometry constraints
11-25-2019, 02:49 PM
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RE: Newbie questions: wifi and geometry constraints
(11-24-2019 06:24 PM)TheProgrammer Wrote:  Geometry
To solve a problem for my daughter, I have drawn a triangle and it is quite easy to move points and create animations.
Is it possible to specify constraints that lock measures (i.e. area, angle)? I have made those constraints in another app, but I was not able to specify in HP Prime.

Cyrille had the best answer, but I just add my 2 cents: the Plot view of the Geometry App is part of the conception process, it has to be used to help drawing.

Once you know this, you can simulate a lock on some of the parameters of your graphical construction, such as distances between points.

Example :

Symbolic view :
GA : point(1,1)
GB : point(GA+1)
GC : point(GA+1*i)

Plot view :
If you move A on the Plot view, B and C respect the constraints and move also.
If you move B or C, as the Plot view is a conception tool, the constraints are updated in symbolic view.
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