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HP-41 Online Quick Reference Guides
12-03-2019, 09:21 PM
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HP-41 Online Quick Reference Guides
If you own a few HP-41 modules or even a 41CL it can be a challenge to remember all the functions. HP provided those nice quick reference guides as a memory aid. Either you always take them with you (if you have them all), or you have them as PDFs on your computer, or ... you compile them into a web page.

Personally, I'd prefer the latter option because most often, my computer is around when I use my calculators. So I just gave it a try and compiled the Time Module QREF into a web page. That's more or less a random choice, however, that QREF looked easy enough for a proof of concept. You can see the result here. It's still a draft (e.g., only tested on Safari browser) but already looks good enough to showcase the idea.

Of course you can imagine other approaches, for example, using a database where you can search for modules, functions, key words, etc. Maybe that would be overkill.

Do you like the idea and think it's useful?
Do you have other ideas how to present such quick reference information?
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