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I got a HP 17Bii, and I love it!
12-04-2019, 10:33 PM
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I got a HP 17Bii, and I love it!
II recently got a HP 17Bii which was originally gifted to someone by his employer, but was never used. The price was low enough to take a gamble, and upon picking up the calculator, it passed the self test.

What I didn't fully realise is how useful the solver is! I already translated everything I had in memory of my 11C, and since I don't need trig functions for my work and hobbies, that was quite easy. The best part for me are the statistics and date/time calculation functions.

It would be great if the same functionality, with the same ease of use, would have been in the HP 42S / Free42 implementation. Then the DM42, with the larger screen area, and the import/export functionality, would be an easy next buy for me ;-)

Anyway, it looks like I don't need a programmable calculator; a configurable one is good enough for me. I will surely experiment further with the solver (currently I have some running related equations in memory).

11C, 12C, 17Bii, DM42
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