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i Can't post anything
12-09-2019, 07:53 PM
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RE: i Can't post anything
(12-07-2019 04:07 PM)Gene Wrote:  Newly registered users are put on a moderated status so their posts require approval before they show up.

This is the only way to stop the 5-10 spammers each week who are ** obvious ** spammers from clogging up the forum.

A side effect of this is that new users sometimes post and don't see the results immediately (moderators ** do ** have to sleep sometimes) and ask where their post is... which is also on moderated status.

Sorry about that, but the reduction in spam us worth it.

When I was "new" it took more than 48 hours for each of the 3 first posts I made to emerge as "validated". Which then led me do send a PM to one of you in the moderator team to completely delete my account. Since it then led to my posts being "released", I stayed.
I do understand that you need to sleep, and that you are in a completely different time zone; but come on - 48 hours + ?
What I would like to express here, is that by spending looong hours before validating new members and posters, you discourage new members more than deflecting spam here.. ??

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