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i Can't post anything
12-10-2019, 05:41 PM
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RE: i Can't post anything
(12-09-2019 07:53 PM)DA74254 Wrote:  
(12-07-2019 04:07 PM)Gene Wrote:  Newly registered users are put on a moderated status so their posts require approval before they show up.

This is the only way to stop the 5-10 spammers each week who are ** obvious ** spammers from clogging up the forum.

A side effect of this is that new users sometimes post and don't see the results immediately (moderators ** do ** have to sleep sometimes) and ask where their post is... which is also on moderated status.

Sorry about that, but the reduction in spam us worth it.

When I was "new" it took more than 48 hours for each of the 3 first posts I made to emerge as "validated". Which then led me do send a PM to one of you in the moderator team to completely delete my account. Since it then led to my posts being "released", I stayed.
I do understand that you need to sleep, and that you are in a completely different time zone; but come on - 48 hours + ?
What I would like to express here, is that by spending looong hours before validating new members and posters, you discourage new members more than deflecting spam here.. ??

If you saw the typical amount of spam that a completely unmodified forum with unverified users gets, you might think differently.

Maybe 48+ hours is too long, but the moderators have lives too.

— Ian Abbott
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