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HP-32E missing segments
01-21-2020, 08:31 PM
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HP-32E missing segments
My recently acquired HP-32E presents an strange behaviour. When switched on, sometimes the digits have missing segments, mainly the top one or the right top one, always missing on all digits. If I press the case together with my fingers near the battery compartment all segments appear again with none missing and they usually stay like that. This behaviour is quite erratic, sometimes happening and sometimes working ok.

I suspect the problem is caused by the connection between the battery terminals and the battery pack but the calculator is quite clean and in great shape.

Any ideas?

11C 12C 15C 17BII 18C 19BII 21 25 27S 28S 32E 32S 32SII 33C 33S 34S 35S 38C 39gs 39GII 40gs 41C 41CV 41CX 42S 45 48G+ 48GII 49G 49G+ 50 67 71B 97
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