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Question about programing the prime (looking forward)
05-29-2014, 12:51 AM
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Question about programing the prime (looking forward)
Ok I have been thinking about this for a little while.

The way I see it the biggest thing that is holding back the success of the HP Calculator range is that the goal posts keep changing for programming it. RPL and HPPP are two different animals.Has this been identified as an issue?

For people/groups wanting to devlop code for the calculator is there any garentee that the platform will now remain stable?

It is a real shame that we cannot use the RPL code for the Prime, that would really be helpful. Is it possible to have an RPL emulator for the prime? Even the older lanuages could be tapped.

Also I tend to use a lot of matlab, I could see the Prime becoming a poor mans Matlab. The emulator seems to be ideal for this, although I have not tried to program in it extensivly.

Just a few random thoughts, I am sure at least a few would agree.

Michael Carey

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