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41CL MMU disabled when unplugging serial cable
03-04-2020, 12:47 AM
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41CL MMU disabled when unplugging serial cable
I've noticed that every time I update my 41CL, the MMU gets disabled when I disconnect the serial cable.

I'm careful to never connect or disconnect the 41CL end whilst the PC end is powered. i.e. when connecting I connect the 41CL end first, and when disconnecting I disconnect the PC end first.

Connecting the cable (at both ends) does not disable the MMU, but when I disconnect the PC end (first), the 41CL MMU gets disabled.

This can't be an artefact of the serial jack at the 41CL, since the MMU gets disabled at soon as I disconnect the PC end, even with the 41CL serial jack still in.

If it makes a difference, I use a Prolific USB-serial cable at the PC end (actually a Mac laptop).

Obviously, this is not a big deal, since XEQ MMUEN always brings things back. But is this expected?

Finally, on a vaguely related note, I note that Ángel Martin's excellent PWRX PowerCL Extreme module has a key shortcut for MMUEN (ΣCL M E). But if the MMU is disabled, you lose access to your plugged modules, so you won't be able to use it, surely?

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