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41CL MMU disabled when unplugging serial cable
03-05-2020, 12:30 AM
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RE: 41CL MMU disabled when unplugging serial cable
(03-04-2020 06:04 AM)mfleming Wrote:  
(03-04-2020 12:47 AM)cdmackay Wrote:  If it makes a difference, I use a Prolific USB-serial cable at the PC end (actually a Mac laptop).

To add a little detail, I use a Sabrent USB to serial cable with a genuine FTDI chip, which might make a difference over the Prolific chip. I also give the 41 a moments' pause (learned from similar past experience?) after turning it off, because the Maxim chip used for the RS232 interface in the 41CL doesn't seem to go dead immediately after power is removed. Charge retained in the P/S bypass cap? Who knows...

Edit: I'll have to check the datasheet, but I'm pretty sure the Maxim chip doesn't immediately disable the rs232 lines when a connected device is removed. Count to five before disassembly Smile

I'll try a long pause next time, thanks Mark Smile

I'll also try a different cable; I think I have an FTDI-based one somewhere.

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