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41CL MMU disabled when unplugging serial cable
03-05-2020, 12:32 AM
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RE: 41CL MMU disabled when unplugging serial cable
(03-04-2020 09:15 AM)Ángel Martin Wrote:  I too suffer from the same (small) issue in two of my three CL machines - but the third one seems to be more rugged. Sometimes I first touch the base ring of the connector on the CL port with the tip of the jack before plugging it in, and then the MMU is not disabled. Note however that this is probably a bad practice electrically speaking, so I wouldn't suggest you do it!

My setup is a direct RS-232 port (yes, still a desktop PC with Windows-7)


thanks Ángel; interestingly, it only happens for me when disconnecting. Connecting the cable never disables the MMU for me.

Agreed, it's a tiny issue, just wondered if I was doing something wrong. Doesn't sound like it.

thanks again, all!

Cambridge, UK
41CL/DM41X 12/15C/16C DM15/16 71B 17B/BII/bII+ 28S 42S/DM42 32SII 48GX 50g 35s 30b/WP34S Prime G2
& Casios, Rockwell 18R :)
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