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(TI-36X Pro) Using f(x) in Calculus
03-15-2020, 06:15 PM
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RE: (TI-36X Pro) Using f(x) in Calculus
(03-15-2020 02:43 PM)lrdheat Wrote:  That is true...but on the 36X, if f( is defined as d/dx of the function of interest, and is solved in number solve to equal zero, the result is the x value of the extremum. You can then bring up edit f(, and delete the “d/dx” part, quit, hit table, bring up f(, and make it f(x), enter, and you get your f(x) value for the x value for your extremum point.

As I wrote: "You can do the same on the older model, if you defined f() as the derivative of your function."

My colleagues do not like my work-emails, because its length (too long).

My message above was four line + one video + one picture. What is the max length on MoHPC it can read by an average user and can understand?!?

But, yes, you can do it on the older model, as WE wrote TOGETHER.

This is really a good calculator, it is possible to solve many basic calculus problem with it. Here a volume calculation: Volume of e^(-x^2)

[Image: main-qimg-08708ac22caaa8cb9f30a7d6cee93ab7]

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