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Wrong description of RPL ENTER?
03-15-2020, 03:03 PM
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RE: Wrong description of RPL ENTER?
(03-15-2020 12:22 PM)Orome Wrote:  
rprosperi Wrote:  In Wickes' 41/48 Transitions, ...

Yes, that's part of what made it clear to me that the quoted article was wrong.

Technically, you are quite right, the quoted phrase from the article is wrong (or at least incomplete). But in the context of Richard's article, intended to highlight the evolution of RPN -> RPL, it's conceptually right in that it serves to illustrate the different behavior of ENTER in the 2 entry systems.

In both cases, an 'entry' is incomplete until terminated by either ENTER, or a function, etc. Jumping straight to the definition used above, while still trying to explain the subtle differences between the entry systems would likely confuse the reader - indeed if it did not, then the reader likely did not need to read the article, hence the liberty taken to bend the truth to make a point.

--Bob Prosperi
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