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YouTube Find: Lunar Module Guidance Computer (WSJ)
04-14-2020, 04:03 AM (This post was last modified: 04-14-2020 05:17 AM by Geoff Quickfall.)
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RE: YouTube Find: Lunar Module Guidance Computer (WSJ)
Great video!

So here is mine:

[Image: 5DEEC859-F7CD-4F6F-9C57-CA99FDEBF837_zpsfds9ysvc.jpeg]

[Image: 873D6416-F22A-46FF-AD54-ED10B6390B14_zpsjpttzq06.jpeg]

[Image: 1EA613E0-F2E6-4FC9-A284-3BF4A10A67AA_zpspsyrv0us.jpeg]

A shot of the DSKY installed in the 787 flight deck;

[Image: A6D5D486-02DF-4A98-9FF0-1F2E9E81923E_zps6eelfcbv.jpeg]

Check out the following links if you want to make one:

Open DSKY project

Apollo project

Mine is arduino based and has the launch and lunar landing voice over with correct displays as well as many other functions: GPS, RTC, over 30 VERB NOUN sequences fully function as to the display, not the Saturn V rocket ;-)

Just noticed to the right of the two red switches (stab trim cutout switches) is a small piece of paper. It is the printout from my HP 41CL which calculates and prints a break schedule for the flight crew.
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